Class Name: BIBL 103 - Foundations of Theology

Textbook: Theology The Basics   ISBN: 9781405167543
Pub. Date: 2008   Publisher: Blackwell Publishers

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1) Syllabus     2) Test      3) Lecture Notes     4) Lectures Below
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1) Reading & Key Truths 2) Test  3) Lecture Notes  4) Magazine Articles Quiz 5) Video Final Paper Assignment


1) Christian Theology

2) 10 Basic Christian Beliefs

3) What is Theology?

4) Why Theological Study is for Everyone

5) Why is Theology Important?


1) Why Study Doctrine

2) Who is God?

3) The Cross and the Courtroom

4) 5 Basic Doctrines Every Christian Believes

5) What Creation Tells Us About God

6) Can We Believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

7) What is Salvation?

8) Christianity: How Much Info Do You Need to Be Saved?

9) God Is Spirit

10) What is Grace?

11) Does God Have Emotions?

12) Common baptism questions

13) Do I really need the church?



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Additional Optional Videos 



Water Baptism


Divine Healing 

Who is God? 1

Who is God? 2 

Who is God? 3

Who is God? 4

Who is Jesus? 1

Who is Jesus? 2

Who is Jesus? 3  

Who is Jesus? 4  

Who is the Holy Spirit? 1

 Who is the Holy Spirit? 3 

Who is the Holy Spirit? 4 

Tithes and Offerings

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