BIBL 101 Interpreting the Bible
BIBL 102 Manners and Customs of Bible Time
BIBL 103 Foundations of Theology
BIBL 201 Old Testament Overview
BIBL 202 New Testament Overview
BIBL 301 Old Testament: The Books of Moses
BIBL 302 Old Testament: Historical Books
BIBL 303 Old Testament: Books of Wisdom
BIBL 304 Old Testament: Books of the Prophets
BIBL 401 New Testament: The Four Gospels & Acts
BIBL 402 New Testament: Romans – Philemon
BIBL 403 New Testament: Hebrews – Revelation
IBIBL 404 Church History


BUSI 101 Foundations of Business
BUSI 102 Business Ethics
BUSI 201 Marketing
BUSI 202 Business Communication
BUSI 301 Practical Church Business Administration
BUSI 302 Accounting
BUSI 401 Strategic Ministry
BUSI 402 Business Management


COUN 101 Biblical Crisis Counseling
COUN 102 Introduction to Ethics in Counseling
COUN 201 Marriage Counseling
COUN 202 Family Counseling
COUN 301 Counseling Life Issues
COUN 302 Grief and Trauma Counseling
COUN 401 Conflict Resolution

COUN 402 Counseling Victims of Abuse

Counseling Eating Disorders

COED 101 Foundations of Eating Disorders
COED 201 Counseling Eating Disorders
COED 301 Families and Eating Disorders
COED 401 Nutritional Counseling


ENG 101 English Composition
COMM 101 Public Speaking
COMM 201 Message/Lesson Preparation
COMM 301 Apologetics: How To Communicate What You Believe

General Ministries

MIN 101 Prayer
MIN 102 Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century
MIN 103 Student Ministry in the 21st Century
MIN 104 Single Adults Ministry in the 21st Century
MIN 201 Christian Leadership
MIN 202 The Worship Experience
MIN 301 Principles of Breakout Church in the 21st Century
MIN 302 Evangelism and Effective Follow Up
MIN 303 Missions (Mission and planning)
MIN 401 World Religions
MIN 402 Creating Effective Small Groups
MIN 403 Christian Discipleship
MIN 404 Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make


MISS 101 Practical Issues in Missions 1
MISS 102 Practical Issues in Missions 2
MISS 201 Missions in the Book of Acts 1
MISS 202 Missions in the Book of Acts 2
MISS 301 World Perspectives
MISS 302 Cross Cultural Principles
MISS 401 Mission Anthropology
MISS 402 Short-Term Mission Trips

Personal Life

LIFE 101 The Personal Life of a Minister
LIFE 201 Personal Management (Family, self, ministry, time, etc.)
LIFE 301 The Minister's Finances
LIFE 401 Practical Duties Of The Minister


TECH 101 Technology In Services and Ministry

Worship Degree

WORS 101 Worship Basics: The Authentic Worshiper and Engaging Your Audience in Worship
WORS 102 Building A Worship Team
WORS 201 Creating Flow in a Worship Gathering
WORS 202 Basic Music Theory (Musicians and Vocals)
WORS 301 Songwriting (Bringing Originality to your Church)
WORS 302 The Art of Worship
WORS 401 Creative Technology (Sound and Lightning)
WORS 402 Effective Vocals in Worship

Youth Ministry

YMIN 101 Foundations in Youth Ministry
YMIN 102 Speaking To Students
YMIN 201 Youth Culture
YMIN 202 Youth Ministry Management
YMIN 301 Leadership Development
YMIN 302 Youth Worship
YMIN 401 Counseling Students in Crisis