Class Name: WORS 101 - Worship Basics

Textbook: Extravagant Worship by Darlene Zschech  ISBN: 0764227513  Format: Hardback, 221pp
Pub. Date: 2001, 2002  Publisher: Bethany House

Hard copy assignments for your notebook
1) Syllabus      2) Test      3) Lecture Notes     4) Lectures Below
 Online assignments for immediate grading
1) Reading & Key Truths   2) Test   3) Lecture Notes  4) Magazine Articles Quiz  5) Video Final Paper Assignment


1) 10 Do’s and Don'ts of Worship Leading

2) Basic Principles of Worship Leading

3) 5 Tips for Leading More God-Centered and Engaging Worship

4) 7 Steps for Selecting Worship Songs

5) Pastors are from Mars, Worship Leaders are From Venus


1) What is Worship?

2) Don Moen on Leading Worship

3) Heart Issues for Worship Leaders

4) Darrell Evans: Tips on Worship Leading and Songwriting

5) Introducing a New Song in Worship

Bonus Lecture with Kari Campbell : While you are not required to watch this lecture, we would encourage you to spend 30 minutes watching this lecture to go to the next level in your worship leading!

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