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Rita S. - My experience with West Coast Bible and Seminary College has been amazing! I have taken away so much new information that I currently use in my own personal ministry. As I read the required books for each class the open book exams point out interesting facts that I may have originally looked over. The lectures allow me to hear the professor go deeper on different topics from the class. The articles allow me to gain a more objective view of the class. The final papers allow me to share what I have learned and how I plan on practically implementing it to ministry. As I grow with Christ, West Coast is providing me with the tools that I need in order to share the Gospel with the world! I am extremely thankful for that!

Rachel W. - Throughout my first year of attending East Carolina Master Commission, I have had the opportunity to receive a professional degree through the academics of West Coast Bible College & Seminary. Overall, the experience was great. The professors and materials that were made available are excellent tools for an individual to utilize within any ministry they are pursuing. I would highly recommend any person to consider the resources and education that West Coast Bible College & Seminary provides.

Isaac S. - My experience with West Coast has not only been good for my education, but it has also has helped me to encounter God even more. I believe West Coast has provided me with a good foundation and prepared me for the opportunities God has for me out in the real world. The highest benefits of West Coast are not limited to earning a degree, but also to take everything I have learned through this program and put it into practice in every moment of my life.

Katie H. - As a West Coast student, I find myself enjoying learning from the lectures and textbooks. I often discuss what I’ve read in the books or what I have learned from the professors in everyday conversation. West Coast classes feed my intellectual side as well as my spirit. They refresh me with new ways of thinking about leadership, servant-hood, and discipleship. Any answers to questions I have are an email away and the professors are glad to answer them with understanding and joy. West Coast has trained my mind for missions, worship, counseling, youth ministry, or general ministry. I believe it mimics the ministry of Jesus, it is designed to meet people where they are, then help develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed for success.

Ian H. - Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of earning my Worship Arts Degree through West Coast Bible College and Seminary. My experience with West Coast is been unlike any other schooling experience. The classes are set up in such a way that fits my busy schedule. I can choose when I want to turn in assignments, as opposed to having a deadline. When I am juggling school and five other things, it really makes a difference. Another thing that has stood out to me is the fact that instructors really make an effort to keep God first. Each lecture I watched was kind of like a mini sermon of sorts. With each lecture I felt like I was being poured into instead of just being forced to learn the material for the class. West Coast Bible has been nothing short of excellent.

Andy S. - I wanted to say thank you for listening to God's voice to start and maintain West Coast Bible College. Last week I finished my classes to earn my Bachelor of Worship Arts Degree which I started in October of 2009. In the fall of '09 I was near the end of a difficult journey. It was a trying 2 year search for a Worship Leading position so I decided to continue my education in the meantime. Three months after I enrolled at WCBCS I was hired as the Worship Leader at WS Community Church in our hometown in MI. Though I had six years of previous leading experience I was still without a degree. I've been serving as the Worship Leader for a year and a half and am proud to say I now have degree in Worship Arts. Because of this, I'll soon be licensed and ordained as a pastor. I can't tell you how honored I am and thankful for WCBCS. The way you arranged and set up the online system to be a self-motivated education was perfectly suited for me. I truly enjoyed earning my degree.

Emily P. -I have come to LOVE WCBC. In high school I was never a very academic student. I struggled with a lot of things because I never have had a very good memory. Tests and quizzes were VERY hard for me in school because I just could not retain information. Doing WCBC was such a good choice for me because they work really well with you and especially your schedule while being in Masters Commission. I came to Masters Commission planning on taking berean but I knew that wasn't going to prepare me so I was just kind of settling then I heard we were getting west coast and I was excited because it was going to be perfect for what I want to do. I am learning SO MUCH from these classes and it is definitely preparing me for what’s to come. I’m really, really happy with west coast and I couldn’t ask for a better schooling that is for sure. 

Teddi L. -  "My name is Teddi Lappas and I'm a first year at New England Masters Commission.  West Coast Bible College and Seminary has been absolutely wonderful! I started classes last fall and absolutely fell in love with the easy online accessibility, the professors, and the schedule. Being in Masters Commission, our schedules are incredibly busy, but with West Coast's syllabi the education portion is easy to maintain. I look forward to every new class! The team at West Coast so great, constantly working to help you in whatever way that you need, and make sure that these classes are providing growth and edification. While we were in Dallas for the National Masters Commission Conference, I got to meet the president of WCBC, Dr. Kevin Harrison. He was so engaging, and was eager to talk to and learn about his students there. Another thing that I love about them is how personal they are. There aren't many colleges that will work to encourage you as much as they do. This year has been awesome with WCBC, I'm absolutely loving how well it has been and I definitely plan to continue my studies with them. I recommend WCBC especially for those who are going into the ministry, because It has helped me so much to prepare for what I am called to do. Also for those who are not, you will still get a wonderful experience and a great equipping education. Thank you so much WCBC, you guys are great!" 

Kali M. - "Personally, coming from a background like mine, I never once thought that I would be able to go to college and actually get a degree in anything. Just thinking about it would get me a little down. Then, through Masters Commission, I learned about WCBC. Knowing that I could do 2 years of classes and have my Bachelor's degree made me so excited. In about a month I will be half way to my Bachelor's degree. Never, in a million years, did I ever think that I would be in this position.  Knowing that I can make a difference and get trained for it in an affordable manner and at a decent pace; I thought "why not?"