Class Name: MIN 303 - Missions

Textbook: How To Get Ready For Short Term Missions    ISBN: 1418509779   Pub. Date: 2006   Publisher: Nelson Reference

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1) Tips for Planning a Successful Missions Trips

2) 7 Reasons You Should Go on a Short-Term Missions Trip

3) Top 5 Tips to Successfully Raise Money for Your Mission Trip

4) Ten Ways to Ruin Short-Term Missions Trips

5) 5 Pitfalls of Short-Term Mission and How to Avoid Them


1) If I Believe this Gospel by Francis Chan and David Platt

2) Mission Trip Preparation: Securing Personal Documents

3) Mission Trip Preparation: How to Choose Your Clothing

4) Mission Trip Preparation: Tips for Missionaries Preparing for a Church Mission Trip Group

5) Why I Purchase Travel Medical Insurance

6) Mission Trip Preparation: Taking Care of Your Feet

7) 3 Expert Air Travel Tips

8) Travel Tips: How to get Cheap Airline Tickets

9) Travel Tips: Which Plugs and Adapters to use when Traveling

10) Travel Tips: How to Survive Long Trips

11) How to get your First Passport

12) How to Pack for a Missions Trip

13) Are short-term mission trips worth doing?


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