Class Name: LIFE 501 - Christian Discipleship

Textbook: The Complete Book of Discipleship ISBN: 1576838978  
Format: Paperback, 314pp.  Pub. Date: 2006  Publisher: NAVPRESS

Hard copy assignments for your notebook
1) Syllabus and Daily Schedule  2) Test      3) Lecture Notes     4) Lectures below
Online assignments for immediate grading
1) Reading & key truths  2) Test  3) Lecture notes  4) Magazine Articles Quiz  5) Video Final Paper Assignment


1) 5 Church Views of Discipleship

2) A Three-Point Plan for Effective Discipling

3) Scriptural Discipleship: Maturity is the Goal

4) 2 Ways Churches Can Model Healthy Discipleship

5) Cost of Discipline-Ship


The Cost of Following Jesus - Francis Chan

The Inside-Out Way of Jesus, Humbled to Be Exalted (FYI: Title Misspelled On Video)

Make Disciples - Identity: Matthew 28:18-20

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