Class Name: LIFE 201 - Personal Management

Textbook: Fit For The Pulpit: The Preacher and his Challenges    ISBN:  9780988512139
Pub. Date: 2014   Publisher: Start2Finish Books

Hard copy assignments for your notebook
1) Syllabus      2) Test      3) Lecture Notes     4) Lectures Below
Online assignments for immediate grading
1) Reading & Key Truths  2) Test  3) Lecture Notes  4) Magazine Articles Quiz  5) Video Final Paper Assignment


1) Seven Ways the Pastor’s Family Comes Under Attack

2) Seven Things a Pastor Should Understand About His Wife

3) 7 Things a Pastors Kid Needs From a Father

4) 14 Tips for Time Management

5) How to Balance Family Life with Ministry Demands

Specific Topics Facing Women Called to Ministry

Sweet Sacrifices- The Challenges of a a Woman In Ministry

7) Five Challenges Facing Women in Ministry #1

8) Women in Ministry: The Basis in Jesus' Ministry

9) Go and Tell- The Role of Women in Ministry — Charisma Magazine

10) Balancing Ministry and Family


1) Connecting Church and Home

2) 5 Rules for Pastor’s Families

3) Time Management

4) How Not to Burnout!

5) Why You Need a Sabbath Rest

6) What is One Thing you Would Tell Pastor’s Wives?

7) The True Life of Pastor’s Kids

8) What Do You Tell Pastors About Their Families?

9) Personal Walk

10) N.T. Wright on Women in Ministry

11) What are the toughest challenges facing women in ministry today?

12) Challenges Facing Young Women in Ministry (optional)

13) Women in Ministry

14) Women in Ministry: In Jesus' Ministry


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