Class Name: BUSI 301 - Practical Church Business Administration

Textbook: Leadership Handbook of Management & Administration    ISBN: 9780801068140 Pub. Date: 2007   Publisher: Baker Books

Hard copy assignments for your notebook
1) Syllabus     2) Test      3) Lecture Notes     4) Lecture 1 / Lecture 2
Online assignments for immediate grading
1) Reading & Key Truths  2) Test  3) Lecture Notes  4) Magazine Articles Quiz  5) Video Final Paper Assignment


1) 10 Tips on Managing Church

2) Biblical Principles of God’s Call to Manage His Church

3) Tips on Church Financial Administration

4) The Word a Church Business Administrator Shouldn’t Be Known For

5) The Church Administrator


1) How to Build a Business, Organization, and Church

2) How to Find the Right Leaders, Business, and More

3) Financial Management in the Church

4) Facilities Management

5) Top Risk Management Issues for Churches

6) Legal Issues for the Church

7) Biggest Mistakes Churches Make with Facilities, Buildings Planning & More

BUSI 301 Questions

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