WCBCS Lease Agreement

1) Self Evaluation

2) Bob Condly CV

3) Yvette Garcia CV

4) Link to staff policies

5) Link to IER 2 legal paperwork

6) WCBCS DBA State of Texas paperwork

7) Employer's Liability Insurance Certificate 

8) WCBCS Line of Credit Letter

9) Student responses to questionnaire

10) Staff responses to questionnaire




ASIC APPLICATION BY WCBCS - click here for .pdf

ASIC Required Documents for Stage 1

1)  Copy of the latest 3 years’ audited annual Accounts (2014 and 2015 currently available - 2013 will be requested)

2) Sketch of floor plans (3 copies)

3)  Health & Safety Declaration (Appendix 3)

4)  Fire Precautions Declaration (Appendix 4) and a fire risk assessment

5) Diagram of staffing structure (Flow Chart)

6-7)  List of names and designations of all staff - CV's of staff

8) Staff appointment procedures - President Harrison's contract gives him authority to hire and fire, with the approval of the Board of directors and in conjunction with best practices of non-discriminatory hiring and firing

9) Sample staff contract - this file is the actual signed contract between WCBCS and Dr. Jimmy White. the same contract has been presented to all professors. 

10) Equal Opportunities Policy

11) Faculty Handbook

    Policies Handbook

12) Procedures for recording students’ attendance - Since WCBCS is a 100% online college, students are allowed the flexibility to take classes at their pace. Therefore, attendance is based upon the successful completion of assignments. 

13) Procedures for the conduct of examinations/tests:
      a) Every class has a minimum of five tests/examinations students are required. 
      b) Students are given 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete once they have logged in.
      c) All tests are to be closed book, but are conducted on the honor system.

14) Procedures for the production of examination/test papers
      a) Students must log in to their course link and click on the specific test/exam.
      b) Once they have clicked on the link, they must click on the specific assignment where they will be redirected to the appropriate test at
      c) Students login the test with their name and email address.
      d) Once the students have started the test, they may not leave the test or they will be given the score they had upon exiting
      e) Students may only take each assignment one time, unless there is a verifiable glitch with ProProfs when they are taking the assignment.

15) Arrangements for secure storage of examination papers/scripts
      a) ProProfs keeps assignments on their website for up to one year. 
      b) All students are required to print out their assignment grade form upon completion in case of an emergency.
      c) Grades are inputted into the WCBCS student portal system with 24-72 hours of completion.
      d) These files are backed up on a daily basis.

16) Student application form (3 copies) - these are the online links
      a) Associate
      b) Bachelor
      c) Masters
      d) Doctoral

17) Pre-enrollment information for students detailing course entry requirements, fees payable, documents to be presented at enrollment (click here to view)

18) Student Handbook / Sample Course Handbook (3 copies)

19) Pre-arrival information forstudents regarding living in the campus - not applicable since we are a 100% online school

20) Appendix 2 completed for each course currently running

21) Guidance on academic misconduct

22) Ethics Policy Statement

23) Criteria for the appointment of marketing agents - WCBCS will only use WCBCS employees to serve as marketing agents since they know the school and how best to represent it. The chief marketing agent role will fall under the portfolio of the Vice President of Student Services. Individual contacts with outside companies falls under the portfolio of the President.

24) Marketing Agent’s agreement - We do not have such an agreement since all of this work is done by WCBCS employees.

25) Briefing documents for marketing agents - Again, we do not have such documents since all of this work is done by WCBCS employees.

26) Prospectus (3 copies)

27) Procedures for processing enquiries and applications

      a) All enquiries are handled by our office staff when students call +1-800-921-4561 or email
      b) Student questions are answered and information may be sent, if requested, or the student will be directed to where they may find the information online

      a) Applications are received by the admissions office upon completion
      b) Upon completion of the application, students are sent an automated email detailing the next steps they need to take with respect to getting transcripts into the registrar's office
      c) Personnel in the admissions office reviews the individual application and makes provisional acceptance, rejection, or reserves the right to ask for more information
      d) Once transcripts have been received and reviewed, students will receive a degree plan and may begin their program

28) Procedures relating to student admissions and enrollment
      a) All students will be accepted, provided they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have completed high school or its equivalency, or have completed a GED or high equivalency programme.
      b) Some students may be admitted on a provisional basis, meaning their grades point average will need to stay above a 2.5 for continued enrollment.

      c) Length of time to complete a programme - Students must complete their programmes as follows:

              Associate Degrees - 2 years to complete from the time of enrollment
              Bachelor Degrees - 5 years to complete from the time of enrollment
              Master Degrees - 3 years to complete from the time of enrollment
              Doctor Degrees - 3 years to complete from the time of enrollment

      d) Extension: If a student fails to complete their program in the allotted amount of time, they may apply for a one year extension to your program before the expiration date. This extension will incur a $500.00 fee. At the end of that time, you will need to re-enroll and take up to 1/2 of your classes over as classes will be updated periodically during your time as a student at West Coast Bible College & Seminary.
      e) Transfer Students: We often get the question, "Do you accept transfer students?" The answer is definitely, "YES"!!!! Students transferring in hours will receive an assessment completed to determine which classes must be taken for graduation and therefore must have an official copy of a transcript from your previous school(s).  Students may complete up to two classes before their "official transcript" is on file.  
      f) Transcripts: NO TRANSCRIPT WILL BE ASSESSED BEFORE A STUDENT ENROLLS AT WCBCS What is an "official transcript"? This is the transcript sent directly from your previous schools to our offices and it must be stamped with the official school seal. 
      g) CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT: High school students may, with the permission of the appropriate high school official, concurrently enroll in high school and college courses. A maximum of nine (9) semester hours will be accepted. College students may concurrently enroll in courses at WCBCS.
      h) CHANGING MAJORS: Students may change their major at WCBCS by going to the Online Payments section of the website, paying for the form, and filling it out  There is a $50 change of major fee which can be accessed on the PAYMENTS page.

29) Procedures for monitoring student records
      a) Student records are monitored and relayed automatically via the WCBCS student portal system.
      b) The WCBCS offices will be alerted when a student fails a course and will directly contact that student to create a plan for success.
      c) Students and the WCBCS offices are also informed when students do not complete assignments in the given time. 
      d) Students are given warnings regarding the length of programme time left at the two month and three months marks, as well as two weeks before the course is completed.

30) Procedures for the handling of deposits, fee payments and refunds
      a) Most students pay their fees online via PayPal so their fees are transferred directly to the bank account on a daily basis.
      b) For checks that arrive in the office, the members of the office staff will directly deposit those into the account via the Bank of America app.

WCBCS has a No Refund Policy which is clearly stated on our Payments page

"Since our tuition costs are so low, once a student has paid for a course or has registered we DO NOT offer ANY financial refunds. Immediately upon your payment, our professors get paid, as do our office staff for their contributions to your education. When you click to make a payment below, you are acknowledging that you have read this statement and are in full agreement. We put this statement here to make sure there are no miscommunications. ALL payments are made via PayPal, so we never have any financial information on any of our students."

In the event of an accidental overpayment, WCBCS will credit the student via PayPal or send a check directly from Bank of America's Bill Pay Services.


The following information was created for our application with TRACS in the US. Most of the information requested by ASICS can be found within these documents. However, specific policies have been created to match your requirements. They will be added to the documents upon approval of ASICS and the WCBCS Board of Directors. 

IER 1 - Mission/Purpose

IER 2 - Legal Documents

IER 3 - Contracts and Job Descriptions

IER 4 - Manuals
Board Manual
Faculty Manual
Student Manual
Student Catalog
Policies Manual

IER 5 - List of degrees offered, course descriptions, and institutional learning outcomes

IER 6 - Faculty CV information

IER 7 - Financial audits and complete business plan

IER 8 - The WCBCS strategic plan

IER 9 - The WCBCS library and learning resources